No Subscriptions

As an owner myself, I understand the importance of budget, without compromising the guest experience. We offer a one-time website setup. The website is designed so that you are able to manage and update it yourself, although we do provide options should you need extra help.

No Lock-ins

Many rental websites are tied to a booking platform or proprietary web builder. What happens if you need to change? What happens when they raise their prices or go out of business? With Chalet Engine, this is your website! You own it and you are in full control to do as you please. Use any booking platform you like, change the design when it suits or add extra functionality.

Ready to Launch

We have invested a great deal of time perfecting the Chalet Engine templates and underlying WordPress website. Fortunately, we don’t have to start from scratch each time, which means that we can have you setup and running in an instant.

Limitless Possibilities

Websites without restrictions or limitations. A website that will grow with you, no matter how your business changes. These websites run on top of the WordPress platform and take advantage of an easy to use page editor. We provide guides to help you make design changes and if you need a bit of extra help, I’m here for you.

Bookings Done Your Way

Websites and booking systems should be separate and operate independently of one another. Websites offered by booking platforms only work with that booking platform which makes it difficult to switch later on. The WordPress platform that Chalet Engine provides will work with all booking platforms and payment systems. Where a booking platform isn’t needed, I can recommend booking system plugins that will help show rates, availability and let you manage bookings from your own website.

GDPR and Cookies

Most of us have guests coming from the EU and so we need to meet GDPR and cookie compliance requirements. These considerations have been built in to all of our websites.

Technically Brilliant

… even if I do say so myself 🙂 I’m confident that the website that we provide for you will be among the fastest and most performant website that you will have experienced. A bold statement I know, but one that I stand by. Here are some of the highlights.

Super-Fast Website

People expect websites to load in the blink of an eye. Anything less, feels like a drag. Google also takes load time into consideration when ranking websites. Thankfully, I have an obsession with fast performing websites. My aim is to have every page loading in less than one second. This is made possible by using lightning fast hosting combined with one of the fastest performing WordPress themes available. We layer on top some clever caching and other tools to optimise images. The result is a website that loads faster than most other sites on the internet. In fact, Google’s Pagespeed index rates out demo site at 97%

Safe and Secure

We have your website secured from head to toe. From the server that hosts your website, to the SSL certificate encrypting all communication and daily backups to Amazon’s datacentre. We also use security software to further lock down and protect your website.

Mobile Responsive

Every website has been optimised and customised to look good on mobile and tablet devices. We also test using Google’s Pagespeed website to ensure that it meets all of Google’s recommendations to help with SEO ranking. When editing your website pages, you will be able to switch between desktop, tablet and mobile to see how it will appear.

Fresh Start or Revamp?

If you have an existing website, you might be wondering how this works. The solution is quite simple and we will guide you through how to prepare your new website without impacting your existing website until you are ready to launch.

Let’s get started